expertise Expert-Witness Problem-Solving and Services
HPW can serve as your link between the medical expert (M.D., D.C., etc.) and the professional engineer or accident reconstruction expert (P.E., etc.). HPW personnel are well-trained in human anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, engineering, ergonomics / human factors and sports medicine relative to tissue damage and injury mechanisms. HPW’s problem-solving approach focuses on both the behavioral (Human Performance and Human Factors) and mechanical (Biomechanical) aspects of the interactions between people and/or people and their environment. Click here to learn more about HPW litigation services.

Product Testing

expertise Biomechanical/Human Factors Based Design, Testing and Evaluation of People, Machines and/or Equipment
HPW can provide you with a uniquely integrated perspective for product design, development, concept testing and evaluation. With a keen regard for the neurological controlling mechanisms of movement as well as the mechanical constraints imposed by the environment, HPW staff can develop and conduct research projects to test and evaluate products or movements in real life settings. In addition, our staff has the expertise to combine biomechanical with physiological assessments. Click here to learn more about HPW product testing.


expertise HPW is a professional, scientific and engineering group that can provide a wide range of consulting services in the area of human performance. Human Performance integrates the laws of physics and working concepts of engineering (Biomechanics) with structural and functional human anatomy, physiology and neuro-muscular function (Human Factors) to describe the effects of forces on the human body and to better understand the mechanical and behavioral interactions between people and their environments. Specific applications include accident analysis and reconstruction, injury prevention, equipment design and evaluation and performance analysis. Click here to learn more...